Jan 19, 2012

The Bushey Hill Postman

This portrait was the result of a knock on my door yesterday morning. Postman Steven(47) was trying to push a package through my letter box. Unfortunately, it got stuck half way through, and he wasn't able to deliver the rest of the mail. When I opened the door, we both had to work together in order to get the package loose. After a few words, Steven went on with his route and I went back in side. Though, regretting not to have talked more with him, I quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera and went after him. Just up the road I found him talking to another neighbor. It really showed his true postman-spirit; nice to everyone! We talked about his 17 years working for the Royal Mail post service, his regular route up Bushey Hill, and my letter box, which is way to small. He didn't complain, but I got the feeling I should try too do something about it.  


  1. I stumbled across your blog by an accident, but I have to say: I`m glad I did. I`ve now read through all your posts, and the pictures and stories really do fascinate me. I think you probably should do something about your letter box by the way. Shouldn`t be a problem. I`m guessing you`re quite a handyman!?