Jan 28, 2013

Walking Chair Lady

New city, new camera, new format. 
After more than half a year of searching, I finally managed to find someone I was excited about photographing again. This of course, is only partly true. Probably I pass a few people on the street everyday that I'm curios about getting to know or photographing. But unless I have my camera and a decent attitude, this becomes more or less imposible. When my London adventure ended in July 2012, I decided to settle down in Malmö. A small (compared to London), but very cosy city in the South of Sweden. For sure I'm going to miss the diversity of people London had to offer, but I'm even more excited about exploring Malmö and get to know the locals here. 
Eva (93) was on her way home for a well deserved coffee when I met her. Not sure if it was the contrast between her, the snowy weather and the building container, or the fact that I was a bit scared of asking and thought I would get a no, that fascinated me the most. I decided to ask anyway, and as it turned out, she kindly spared a moment of her time to stop for a portrait. I noticed how she kept avoiding my camera lens. At first I thought I was making her uncomfortable (probably I was), so I stopped photographing and went to have a little chat instead. We talked about walking chairs and her daily trip to the city center. Considering the snow and walking chair, 20 minutes is not bad for this kind of trip. After saying goodbye, I discovered it took me almost the same amount of time to walk the trip myself.