Mar 23, 2012

Man With Scarf

From a distance I noticed John's outfit. It instantly intrigued me because it seemed like he still lived in the olden days, only this was Camberwell 2012. The 81 years old was fashionable,  old-school looking and classy all at the same time. I got closer to him and was about to stop him to have a talk, when I noticed what looked like tears running from his eyes. For a second I questioned myself if it was okay to ask a crying person for a photograph. We got eye contact and I decided to ask anyway. On a second thought, it might just have been the wind in his face, that made the tears, but I'm still to this day not sure. 


  1. It`s hard to say why he cried, but I`m guessing he had his heart broken, just a little bit you know?

  2. ooo he looks a bit sad. It`s a beautiful photo though. I like how you instantly feel something when looking at it, like polaroids maybe. What camera do you use? Have you ever tried taking fisheyephotos?

  3. Thanks!! what camera is not important..and I'll look into the fisheye thing - not sure if it works for this kind of photos, but i'll give it try:)