May 11, 2012

Banana Bag Man

When I asked to photograph this man he must have thought I was really into his shopping habits, which is kind of true. Remembering back, I was fascinated by his white, see through bag, filled up with small version bananas, but at no point did I asked him to hold it up and show them to me. Nonetheless, I am happy he did. We walked down the street together, pointing and talking about bananas, apparently. After a few hundred meters we came to his stop. A tiny shop, where he passed on the bananas to someone else.  

May 8, 2012

City Center Pool Boy

Around Chiang Mai's city center, the old town, is a big moat. Of course, every now and then some small leafs drops into it. When I was walking along observing the city, I met the guy who's job is to clean it all up. His working tool, which I couldn't manage to fit all in the photo, is probably 5-6 meters long. Made from bamboo, makes it light weight, but I can still imagine it's pretty hardcore to maneuver it around the whole day in the burning sun.