Mar 31, 2012

A Proud Man

This is not meant to be a travel blog, but since I'm constantly on the move now a days, I thought I'd include my latest location. Two days ago I left Bangkok and arrived in Chiang Mai. The people here seem to know even less english, but on the bright side, they also seem to be more relaxed and easy going about meeting foreigners. Sadly, my lack of thai knowledge and their lack of english skills results in fewer, cosy people stories. My meetings though, doesn't feel any less interesting. This man surprised me from around a street corner. I loved his outfit, the way it reminded me of a military uniform from the olden movies. Quickly I tried to catch his attention by showing him my camera and ask for a portrait.  At first he seemed confused, but without saying anything I kept pointing my camera at him, knotting my head. Suddenly he stopped and went into this position, without moving, just looking at me. I took a few steps back and snapped the photo.


  1. I love his outfit:) And just like that this turned into a streetstyle blog;) Love it!!! <3