Jan 24, 2012

Mark & Louise - An outside bet

I noticed Mark and Louise when we were walking towards each other on the sidewalk along Southampton way. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it was something about them that fascinated me. Maybe I felt they had a typical english look going on. The photo makes them look quite serious, but my impression of them when we met, was the complete opposite. They were wearing same button tags on their coats saying 'outside bet'. I wish I had asked what it was for. Our meeting was very brief, and I'm still to this day, curious about how they were related. 
Later I've been told that 'Outside bet' is the title of a film that will be released this April. The film is based on a book Mark wrote called 'The Mumper'. 


  1. Here's one I took earlier:


  2. Outside bet is a film based on the book 'The Mumper' written by Mark Baxter ;)