Jan 21, 2012

Ja'far, 52 - The friendly henna beard guy

From across the street I noticed Ja'far's ginger beard. I thought it was too good to let go, so i decided to run after him. Ja'far was originally from Canada, but had spent the last twenty years living in London. Of course I had to ask about his beard. When I look at it now, my question might have come across as a bit stupid. But anyways, I asked if it was his natural color. He laughed, and said it was the same color as mine. I told him mine was the real deal, and he started explaining me all about the henna tradition, and how he colored his beard. As beard grow fast, you're supposed to dye it quite often. For Ja'far, often meant one month ago, and he excused his rough look. I thought it looked perfect! Lesson learned; Henna dye is a lot more healthy than normal dye.

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