Jan 28, 2012

Man in front of bars

Lost in between huge council estates in the South of London, I felt very lonely on the street. Why don't I just hang around on busy street corners, where people pass by all the time? The thing is, you never know when and where the next interesting person will show up. It is something about the quiet atmosphere that gives photos a different mood. Alan(76) was about to exit this barred gate when I saw him. He was on one side, and I on the other. At first I thought he might be scared by my approach, thinking I was an intruder or something, but Alan wasn't scared at all. He opened the gate and was happy to be photographed in front of it. He was on his way to visit his stepdaughter, who lived just across the street. I didn't feel like taking up too much of his time, so I thanked him and continued down the quiet road alone.  

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