Jan 15, 2012

This is Norway - 'Søndagstur'

As many other Norwegians today, I've been out, walking in the woods. It is sort of a tradition in Norway, that when it comes to Sunday, you put your skies or walking-shoes on, and go for a trip in the woods. We call it 'Søndagstur' (Sunday-trip). It was plenty of people out today, but most of them were skiing fast by me, so difficult subjects to catch. Then, after an hour of walking, I met Morten(57). He was having a little break at one of the view spots along the track. When I was photographing him, I noticed that he had a genuine interest in what I was doing, so I asked if he was a photographer too. It turned out, he is a great cinematographer, with experience beyond my imagination. He had a couple of tips for me and as we shared common interests, the talk went really easy. The portrait couldn't have described a 'Søndagstur' any better. He had the look of one of those classic Norwegian character from a Hollywood movie. And, he was eating an orange, which is one of two mandatory snacks when your on a Sunday-trip. On top of that, he shared his orange with me, which I thought was pretty great and really kind. What a lovely day!

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