Feb 9, 2012

Woman with Luggage

It's not often you walk down the street and see 80 year old ladies carrying bags around like this. Pauline(80) was on her way to the local club for a day of fun and games with the girls (as she put it). She was wondering why I wanted to photograph her, and told me a joke about how her husband used to say her presence ruined photographs. That was of course not true! I thought she looked really lovely, as made for an intriguing picture. The bag looked heavy and I felt like giving her a hand, but the weight of the bag didn't seem to bother Pauline at all. She insisted on holding it throughout our little photo-shoot, and as we were heading the same way I offered to carry it for her, but she refused to take my help. It was nothing left for me to do than to wish her a great day and best of luck with the game-playing.


  1. This lady has such a happy face that she's making me smile with her. I'm glad she agreed to let you photograph her - this is a great image.