Jun 16, 2012

The Bamboo Stick Man

For those of you who follows my blog; You might have noticed that CupOfPea has sadly been out of order for a while. Hopefully it's now back on track as normal, with frequent posts every other day.
After spending some time in thailand, I'm back in London, and will continue to shoot portraits in the South London area. This sweet man is actually staring in my blog for the second time. First time appearing in the far background of "Man With Yawning Dog". Blurred out in the background, it was then hard to notice his passion for the sticks, so I thought it was worth a second capture. 


  1. I love your work, and I`m secretly hoping to meet you on a street somewhere. Perhaps you`ll say: "And it`s your face I`ve been looking for on every street"

  2. Thank you, Peach! Maybe one day we will:)