Jan 12, 2012

Leif & Marit - Couple on tour

I was being lazy driving down the road, when i passed the sweet couple, Leif and Marit. It was something about them that caught my eye. Maybe it was the walking poles and the lovely combination of colors. Well, I decided to park my car, and walk back to have a chat with them. It turned out, they were really nice locals from Kjelsås in Oslo, out for a exercise/walk in the beautiful weather. The sun was shining, and with temperature just below 0 degrees, it keeps the snow in perfect condition for a beautiful trip. As per usual, I had to ask for their age. I won't go in to details, but added up, they are soon turning 170 years. Looking at them, I find it hard to believe. If only I can be in this great shape, when turning their age.

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