Jan 11, 2012

The former lawyer, Reidar(84)

Today I've been in Oslo and helped out at a local volunteer center. Driving out groceries is one of the daily duties, and my first stop was 84 year old, Reidar. The former lawyer had a small back problem, and shopping in the snow, was no longer easy for him. Apart from this, Reidar was still going strong. I entered his house, and the first thing I noticed, was a laptop in the living room. When I asked if it belonged to him, he looked at me and explained how he couldn't live without it. Reidar didn't strike me as the typical laptop user, but email, internet and online banking, was all part of his daily routine. When I was about to find my way out, he insisted on following me to the door. At the doorstep, I noticed the beautiful light that was shinning through the house, and I asked to take his portrait. He accepted with thanks. 


  1. Veldig fint lys, blir nesten tredimensjonalt:D