Jan 10, 2012

Second meeting with Robert - True kindness

The first time I met Robert, I was actually photographing Ron, 77 (on the left in the photo below). I was explaining Ron what my blog was about, and how I liked to photograph people I found interesting. At the same time, Robert walked passed and overheard our conversation. Without me knowing, he stopped behind me, and as I backed up to photograph Ron, I bumped into him. A bit offended and disappointed, Robert questioned how I could photograph interesting people, but not wanting to photograph him? I explained that I would love to take his portrait after I had finished taking Ron's. Robert must have been in a hurry. Instead of waiting for us to finish, he decided to jump into the frame. I love how Ron had one of those smiles where you can't tell if he is comfortable or not. Before we knew it, Robert was already on his way, and I didn't get the chance to talk to him. Luckily, a few days later, our tracks passed again. Robert remembered me, and I asked him if I could take a proper portrait this time. He removed his hat and placed his hands on the back. It was a perfect moment! Although he had some very sad life stories to share, I thought he was quite positive. I believe his face showed his true kindness. Hopefully we'll meet again, so I can give him a copy of this photograph.

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