Jan 9, 2012

Wigi(73) - Animal Lover and mafia lookalike

Underneath a tree, just of the main walking path in Ruskin park, I noticed Wigi and a lot of birds. Strangely enough, this is the second bird feeder I meet in only few days. Wigi did seem a bit more serious about his passion, then Elisabeth did, though. When I started to talk to him, he kindly invited me to join him. Surrounded by lots of pigeons and squirrels, we spent around 45 minutes together, talking about everything from Elvis Presley to EU, peepshows, football, aging and gambling. That's right, I think Wigi had experienced more things than most people do in a lifetime. The former gambler, originally from Malta, used to have money, but no true happiness. Now, as he told me, he had no money, but lots of happiness. He loved anyone and everyone! The little bit of money he did have, was spent on feeding the animals. 3 times a week he came to the park with his bag full of seeds, nuts, ham, bacon, you name it. I was impressed!! Before I left, I told Wigi he looked a bit like one of the characters in a mafia movie. He laughed, told me about his commercial TV career and showed me a few poses. As we got to know each other quite well, we decided to meet up again in a couple of weeks. Same time and place, for another chat, and some more photos. Lets see. Wigi might become a regular entry to my blog.

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