Feb 26, 2012

The Escaping Head

Barry and I met when I was asking a sweet old man if I could do a portrait. He gave me what sounded as a no, and at the same time Barry showed up and started talking to him. Just incase I had misunderstood his no, and it was actually a yes, I decided to wait on the other side of the road until they finished their conversation. The elderly guy walked on while Barry tried to convince him to stay for a picture. It gave me good vibes and I ended up having a nice conversation and photo session with Barry instead. The former postman knew my own street and neighborhood better than me. And, when I think about it now, it make so much sense that he used to be a postman. Nice, talkative and friendly to everyone. On his way out, just a few hundred meters from his house, he had already managed to have a good talk with three different people. The old man, myself and a lady neighbor, which he also convinced to be photographed by me.    

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