Feb 24, 2012

Seemingly Tall

I was waiting at a corner in front of this wall, when John(83) came from his grocery shopping. Fascinated by both the wall and him, I asked if he could stand in front of it for a moment, whilst I took a photograph. Sometimes it impresses me how kind and helpful people are after a bit of explanation. For a man of average hight, not much taler than me (I'm not very tall), it intrigued me how tallish John looked. Happy with the photo, I gave him my CupofPea web address and asked if he could have a look online. John told me he didn't use the internet and then asked how to pronounce the three first letters i had written down. I willingly agreed that my handwriting isn't the best and explained it was the letter 'W' times three. He looked at me and said; 'Ah, World Wide Web!?'. I said; 'Exactly!'. Felt my whole body smile, thanked him and walked off.