Mar 9, 2012

The Passport Man

This is the second Frank I meet in only a few days. Does the same name mean same look and personality too? In this case I would have to say no. Whilst the previous Frank was very neat and tidy, the new Frank had a more rough look going on. Long hear, beard and an old leather jacket. Our meeting was very short, yet we got to know each other quite well. He told me in anger how he had just spent £6 on new passport photos, and showed me them together with an empty wallet. I told him that I would be happy to send him some copies of the photo I took of him for free, and asked for his email address. Unfortunately Frank wasn't that much of an internet user and didn't have an email, so he asked if I could send it by post instead. After some writing problems, I got the address and hope to send the photo soon. 


  1. What kind of camera do u use? Do u have any other projects going on? I like your photos quite a lot:)