Mar 12, 2012

The Red Glow Man

It was early morning and I was walking around for hours receiving plenty of rejections from people too busy, on their way to work. The frustration was getting to me, but then on a small street just of the main road, this man got trapped between the wall and myself. I guess he felt the pressure, and kindle gave me a yes to be photographed. When I showed him a preview of the photo, he raised his voice in excitement, yet it didn't stop him from walking of. In a desperate attempt to maintain contact,  I shouted; 'what is your name?' With a turn of the head, I received the answer; 'Michael'.  


  1. Rasmus, reassuring to know you too get "rejected" - loving all your work, and hoping to emulate some of it. Cheers duncan

  2. Thanks Duncan!
    It can certainly be hard, time consuming, and painful sometimes to constantly get 'no's thrown in your face. But when you get a nice shot, it makes it all worth it.
    Hope the portraits go well and please send me if you want a second opinion.